Robotic Parking Systems

Terra Nova Ventures is a significant investor in Robotic Parking Systems, Inc., the U.S. based designer, manufacturer and operator of fully automated, modular parking systems that can accommodate from 100 to 5,000+ cars where space is limited. This system allows one to park twice the number of cars in the space of a conventional garage or use half the space to park the same number of cars, thereby allowing substantially lower overall development costs.

First Garage
Robotic Parking opened the first automated-mechanized parking garage in the United States in Hoboken, New Jersey in 2002, accommodating 324 cars.

Current Projects
It currently has parking garages under construction in Dubai and in Abu Dabi. The parking facility for Emirates Financial Towers in Dubai will contain 1200 fully automated parking spaces and will be the largest of its kind world-wide. A garage for the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, containing 765 spaces, opened in 2009.
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