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Patagonia Sur, LLC is a for-profit, limited development real estate corporation founded in 2007 that invests in Chilean Patagonia and has a strong commitment to conservation. Patagonia Sur invests in, protects, and enhances scenically- remarkable and ecologically valuable properties, thereby generating competitive returns for investors.

The portfolio of properties encompass more than 60,000 acres of extraordinary scenic lands in southern Chile. This network of properties constitute the Patagonia Sur Nature Reserve. The current holdings include a pristine coastal area in Melimoyu, a scenic river valley in Palena, Valle California, a spectacular peninsula on Lago Espolon, Los Leones Valley, which is a glacier-filled valley, Jeinimeni, located at the confluence of two rivers, and Tortel, situated at a fjord at the foot of a glacier.

Additionally, the Patagonia Sur Foundation has been established. The Foundation sponsors conservation, conservation education and biodiversity research and also supports community healthcare and education initiatives, which work with and benefit the local communities where the properties are located.
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